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Medical Malpractice: Verdicts, Settlements, and Experts

Plaintiff presented to defendant physician for a left hip arthroplasty. Defendant placed a cup that was too large for Plaintiff’s hip which caused at least a 1 cm leg length discrepancy. On follow-up, Defendant noticed that her left leg was a centimeter longer. Plaintiff suffered an incident where her left foot pivoted forward and abducted quickly causing her to dislocate her hip. A closed reduction procedure failed. She then underwent an open reduction procedure. The pre-operative CT scan indicated some anteversion of the acetabular component. Defendant stabilized Ms. Sauvageau’s hip in figure 4 position. Plaintiff developed a popping sensation in her groin and a limp.

Plaintiff presented to Duke Health for consistent left hip pain. Plaintiff’s hip dislocation was noted as occurring due to the too large cup used during her hip arthroplasty. In addition they noted her leg length discrepancy and that she had developed meralgia paraesthetica.

Plaintiff then underwent a total hip revision. Plaintiff suffered significant pain in addition to difficulty ambulating, worsening back pain, a hip dislocation, and developed meralgia paraesthetica.


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