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Failure to Diagnose and Treat Appendicitis - Perforated Appendix, Complications - Confidential NC

We tender our thanks to plaintiff's counsel, Charles Rawlings, for the report of this case: The plaintiff, age thirty two,

presented to the defendant healthcare provider with severe abdominal pain, chills, nausea and sweating. Labs showed an elevated WBC of 15.7K/uL and an elevated neutrophil count of 13/6 mcL (both indicative of bacterial infection). No further evaluation was done and plaintiff was discharged with a diagnosis of food poisoning for which IV fluid was given. Once home, plaintiff experienced significant chills, worsening abdominal pain and a fever. He called defendant's office and was reassured that he had food poisoning. The following day plaintiff consulted a different healthcare provider. Abdominal CT scan showed a ruptured appendix. Peritonitis and sepsis were diagnosed. Laparoscopic appendectomy was undertaken. Plaintiff was treated for sepsis and discharged the same day. Five days later plaintiff returned to the second healthcare provider with complaints of further abdominal pain, chills and fever. Post-operative intra-abdominal abscess, fever and leukocytosis were diagnosed. The following day CT-guided drain placement was undertaken . That was followed by antibiotic therapy. Abdominal abscesses required drainage and an incisional hernia required surgical repair.

The case settled for a confidential sum.


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