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Personal Injury

Were you injured in an automobile crash or on the premises owned and/or controlled by another, due to no fault of your own?

Then you may potentially have a personal injury claim for damages against the negligent (at fault) driver or the owner/controller of the premises. 

With the founder of our firm being a licensed Neurosurgeon and attorney you can be assured that the team at The Rawlings Law Firm will understand your injury! 

How can I begin to make preparations for my potential personal injury claim?

  • If able, take photos of the incident and/or the location of the incident.

  • If injured in an automobile accident and you are able to do so, get the at fault driver’s name and insurance information. (Note that if a police officer responded to the scene, they may have generated an accident report, which should contain this information.)

  • If injured at a place of business and you are able, make sure that a report of the incident is documented.


When you are done treating:

  • Request your medical records from all first responders, physicians, and hospitals that treated you for your injuries.  

  • Request an itemized billing statement (reflecting insurance payments and adjustments) from each first responder, physician, and hospital that treated you for your injuries.

  • Procure an accident report from the police department that responded to the incident.

  • Do not let any insurance company bully you. Instead, contact our office at 336.725.6444 to schedule a consultation.


Please note that every case is different and unique. The Rawlings Law Firm must thoroughly evaluate each and every case before our legal services can be retained.     

Recent Settlements

-Our client was in an automobile accident where the at-fault driver ran a red light and smashed into the side of our client’s car. Our client suffered no physical injuries, but was admitted into a hospital for four days because the incident aggravated our client’s pre-existing mental health condition. We were able to procure a settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.


-Our client tripped and fell on a concrete step outside of a restaurant. The concrete step was not painted and thus blended in with the concrete ground around it. Our client suffered broken ribs in the fall. We were able to procure a settlement with the property owner’s insurance company.


-Our client was pumping gas, when, without warning, the gasoline hose ruptured dousing our client with gasoline. Our client inhaled and ingested the gasoline and incurred physical injuries. We were able to procure a settlement for our client with the property owner’s insurance company.

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