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Doctor and Medical Expert Depositions: Key Techniques Teleconference

Dr. Charles Rawlings will be giving a teleconference on the effective, real-world strategies and questions for doctor depositions. Do you know how to effectively elicit helpful concessions or impeachment material when taking doctor depositions? Are you doing your best to prepare and protect your doctor from opposing counsel's traps? Our seasoned faculty will provide you with practical tips and techniques for taking or defending doctor depositions. Brush up your skills and get more out of your next deposition. Here is a link to the seminar webpage

You can find Dr. Rawlings' proposed agenda for the teleconference below:

Doctor and Medical Expert Depositions: Key Techniques

  1. Allowed and Effective Questions

  2. Order, Style of Questioning and Questioning Techniques

  3. Addressing Questions of Pain and the Cause of the Injury

  4. Translating Medical and Legal English into Plain English

  5. Controlling the Direction of the "Conversation"

  6. Exploiting Questionable Methodologies and Conclusions

  7. What to do When a Witness is Being Evasive or Defiant

  8. Making and Responding to Objections

  9. Prepping Your Doctor

  10. When the Opposing Counsel is Bullying Your Witness

  11. Effective Use of Evidence/Documents in Examination

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